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muMs is an award-winning New York City based Poet and a member of the Labyrinth Theater Company.


muMs the Schemer ===> Schemer: fiend, foe, friend, fear, /swallower of your fear, /blasphemer, /dreamer…. /to hold, to have, to be in a condition akin to, to victory he prevails! /A mathematical or philosophical diagram representing the astrological aspects of the planets, emotions and intellect on scales, /teller of your tale /in a letha-phorical outline, /a concise examination crafty and secretive in sign, /a systematic and organized chaotic plot. /I am muMs the schemer and you, are not. ===> The first ‘m’ is lower-cased /concerned with race /and small manipulative matters of that sort: /the things in our face /that bleed into our heart. /The ‘u’- also small- leads me to look to the sky, walk there the edge of a shore equating to particles of sand, stars, the moon. To be under all that which is bigger than me lead’s to the second ‘M’ capitalized for the manipulation /of that that from which all shall begin /and again /from when /we least expect. /The ‘S’ is the trick: the hush of it all. /The control over what we discuss, beckon or call /or plural to represent the many that know /or just that the path is a windy road? /No matter, it also is small. ===> muMs, the schemer and echo-er of it all.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

putting the 10 in 2010 postscript

...but i aint never fretting or blaming. hollywood do what hollywood gotta do to keep them lights on. it aint personal. never that. I got mad love in my life too precious to jeopardize infecting with friendly fire. I'ont need to pop no more shots. true speak is there really aint no one to aim at. no specific enemy other than self. and the enemy of my enemy can be my hero. can't nobody do for you more than you can do for self determined to go hard. "Oh they aint ready for me yet. my style too ill for'm"... like a ego slingshot from hell to a place way distant beyond serious. or maybe 'can't get outta bed'll' lead to 'too scared to get in'... up late at night concocting substances. I been up in these offices. I know what they be buying. I know heat from flashes in the pan and overcooked. So I'm off this slow money ho stroll all upset cause the johns only want blonde's. In fact I know better blonde's.


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