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muMs the Schemer ===> Schemer: fiend, foe, friend, fear, /swallower of your fear, /blasphemer, /dreamer…. /to hold, to have, to be in a condition akin to, to victory he prevails! /A mathematical or philosophical diagram representing the astrological aspects of the planets, emotions and intellect on scales, /teller of your tale /in a letha-phorical outline, /a concise examination crafty and secretive in sign, /a systematic and organized chaotic plot. /I am muMs the schemer and you, are not. ===> The first ‘m’ is lower-cased /concerned with race /and small manipulative matters of that sort: /the things in our face /that bleed into our heart. /The ‘u’- also small- leads me to look to the sky, walk there the edge of a shore equating to particles of sand, stars, the moon. To be under all that which is bigger than me lead’s to the second ‘M’ capitalized for the manipulation /of that that from which all shall begin /and again /from when /we least expect. /The ‘S’ is the trick: the hush of it all. /The control over what we discuss, beckon or call /or plural to represent the many that know /or just that the path is a windy road? /No matter, it also is small. ===> muMs, the schemer and echo-er of it all.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fame Monster

I'm not quite sure of the reasons that lead to Andrew Koenig decided to take his own life. But knowing that he was a successful actor in his youth and hadn't worked much lately, I can guess. I didn't want to get on my soapbox again about this very fickle career path that I've chosen because ultimately it was my choice. I was in nursing school when it all started for me. I could have stayed and finished. I'd sure have a steady check now. But here I am getting super psyched every time I get an email from my agent. I download the sides, I read the script, I prepare to my best abilities and try not to think that this could be the role that will change my life and get me back to the place I was some 10 years ago. I breath, I talk to the universe. I try hard to relax. Afterwards, I do all that I can to forget. I toss the sides and get to work on the next one. For Andrew Koenig it had been a longer time being reminded of what once was and now isn't. This town isn't kind on someone like him. All with the TMZ, paparazzi, young arrogant studio executives, desperate producers trying to land the hottest timely actors and the stunningly hot six-inch-heel-clad beauties who have no clue who you are and will treat you like a nobody. They used to say you're only as good as the last thing you did. Now you're only as good as what you did 2 minutes ago. Even Jon Cryer had a stretch of B movies and failed TV shows between his performance on 'Pretty in Pink' in 1986 and landing the mega hit TV show 'Two and Half Men' in 2003.
I still wouldn't change what I do for any other job in the world. I've met some of the most brilliant people and can call them friends. My theater company cradles, supports and encourages me. I write, I produce and am looking forward to directing one day. In the same place where fame is fleeting, expression is godly and man do I revel in it. :)
No father should ever have to bury his son. My heart goes out to Andrew Koenig's family. May they find some peace. And to all the struggling actors out here in LA or in NYC, know your lane and hold on tight to what you love about acting. Only that will keep you from drowning. luv.


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