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Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to live Right, straight down the middle leaning a bit to the Left.

Politics Schmolitics...

Ok I'm not going to act like I don't switch from MSNBC to CNN to FOX news and back every time I sit down to relax in front of the T.V. I love sports but in the middle of a game or a tennis match I'll switch over to Olbermann or O'rielly to see who said what. When I'm out I over hear people in restaurants and bars and on the street, talking Barack this and McCain that.... It's ceaseless.
For the past three weeks, since the lead up to the Democratic Convention, we, the American public, have been inundated with political rhetoric from every media angle. I watch it all. I am hooked I tell you. It is the best theater. I have my favorites and the ones I love to hate, not that I love any of them really.

I am a big fan of-the Conservatives are the worst people in the world- Countdown show with Keith Olbermann. I also like Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough. Complete talking out of both sides of their mouth idiots. And of course you cannot have any type of Punditry without the likes of Hannity and Colmes (or shall I say The Hannity and Pussy show) and the man himself, Bill O'reilly. Don't worry about hating Bill O'reilly because he already hates your liberal whacko ass. oooh I love to hate him the most. I kinda get off on watching Fox news because it is a reminder of how intellectually shrimpish a big portion of America is.

I have to admit that, while I am a supporter of Barack Obama (I just think he's exactly what the times needs as an American President and the brother in me is overjoyed) I was a little annoyed by the pageantry of the Democratic Convention.

"Does he really need the Greek Columns"? I said quietly to myself as I watched his electrifying and brilliant speech. It just seemed a bit much. But what the hell if all his speeches are like that when he becomes president, he can have all the greek columns he wants.

The Clintons, for as much as they were praised for getting behind the party, both seemed just a wee bit bitter. Understandable though. I'm not sure Hillary wants to wait until 2016 get a chance at being president again.

But my utter disgust of all this political shmutz came with the Republican Convention. I felt as if I had swallowed year old milk. The taste in my mouth was that bad. Rudolph Giuliani is a self-serving buffoon trying to get himself a cabinet position in the McCain/ Palin administration. He is about as transparent as air. He's going to wake up one day to a gaggle of community organizers ready to organize an ass-kick in. And I love John Stewart's comparison of Fred Thomspon and Joseph Lieberman with Foghorn Leghorn and Droopy-dog. Funny as hell.
check it out:
Daily Show 9.3

Just watching that Convention gave me chills. Now this might not describe all Republicans but the fact that people who have such a narrowminded idea of religion and a desperate need for guns might run our country scares me into a one way ticket to Paris for the next four years. (and why do the Republicans hate the French so much so that they are the butt of their jokes? didn't the French give us the statue of Liberty?)
Smart people know it is all a show. Politicians will say just about anything to get elected. But who were these people in the crowd with their strange hats and American Flags and McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden signs? Who are these political fanatics? It's just not that deep for me. I mean I'll donate some dough and pull the lever in November. That is all I can do. I don't really see the purpose of getting arrested outside of the RNC because you lost it on some close-minded right to lifer.

It's not like these people are really going to stop for a second and consider the others ideology, like yes it is a horrible thing when abortion is used as birth control and girls are having 3 and 4 and 5 abortions in their lifetime or that telling a woman what to do with her body is taking away the personal freedom and responsibility that defines our country. It's not like if you demonstrate outside the DNC you'll get across the message that one can believe in God and the Big Bang theory both at the same time.
you just live your life the way you see it and don't impose your shit on others. easy.
But somebody has to be in charge. So the politicians fit us all into little voting blocks to craft perfectly specific lines in speeches that capture our attention and votes. We're either Libral or Conservative. But it goes way deeper than that. Maybe you're a social conservative and are pro-life even in the case of incest or rape like the Republican nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin; Or maybe you're a Cultural Conservative and think that we should teach Creationism in the schools, silence Britney Spears and rid our libraries and Barnes and Nobles of every copy of Tropic of Cancer in existence. Maybe you're a Conservative Liberal and believe every man should have rights except for illegal aliens from Mexico. Or you're a Liberal Conservative who is pro-life except for when your daughter gets knocked-up by Malik. There are Moderate liberals, radical moderates, ultraconservatives, ultraliberals, Reagan democrats, Clinton Republicans, blacks, gays, hispanics... the list of boxes we all seem to fit in is endless.
I know that every time the Grand Ole Party (GOP) and John McCain speak about earmarks or pork-belly spending more than half of the American population has no clue what he's talking about. Hell, I glanced past some dumb MTV reality show yesterday and there was teenage kid on who couldn't count past one thousand nine. He get there and say, "ten thousand? what? I don't know why do I need to know"? This might be elitist but there are some really fucking dumb people in this country.

Barack Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law. This might be leading a little left on my part but it would be nice to have a politician in office that comedians would have a hard time making fun of.
It would be nice to have a president who not only understands the internet but uses it like I do. It's not a lot to ask for.
Don't get me wrong I like john McCain. I think he is a true American Hero and a nice gentleman. I stopped laughing at his stiffness when I realized it was because he couldn't raise his arms above his shoulders due to the treatment he received in Vietnam. we all know the story I guess by now. His plane was shot down by the North Vietnamese and he was held captive by them for five years. When offered to be released he refused because there were other who had been there longer. wow. what a story. give that man a medal. President Obama give that man a medal, please.

Yes, McCain has been through some difficult times. But when Michele Obama was attacked for saying that this the first as an adult she has ever felt proud of her country, she could have fought back and given her example of hard times that all black people born before 1980 have felt.
I read an article about Michelle Obama in her first year at Princeton about how her roommate's mother was up in arms and irate because her daughter would have to room with a black person. Mrs. Obama could have brought this story up as an example of what she meant when she made that statement but instead she played the political game, tell the people what they want to hear and don't frighten them. The perfect model laid down for back people by Will Smith for the last 10 years.
yes that is the political game. they will say anything that will make us stop and listen and then vote. lies? who really knows. all I know is watching Barack Obama speak I feel that this is a man who is trying his best within this political game to be honest with me. I feel he has the intelligence to make the right decision or seek out the right counsel. I think because he is young and has young daughters that he has a progressive outlook for the future of this country. I think the world will not just like him but respect him and in turn us.
I am not Liberal nor Conservative or maybe I am both. I do know that I am a futurist and like my friend Julian's father puts it an Obamista!!

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