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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The War on Stupidity

Hurricane IKE smacked Texas around like her name was Tina.
Ok I know that was in bad taste. That's why I waited over a week to say it. It's funny though.
I was watching Bill Maher last night and he held up a picture similar to this and said that if this were a terrorist act we would be losing our collective American shit. I agree. the point he was making is that we are obsessed with needing to protect ourselves from some man hiding in a cave half way around the world but there still are people who don't believe in global warming.

Then the whole deal with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Bear Sterns and Leman Brothers... Not sure what all this means except for the economy is in the shitter. I've heard it said that this all the fault of a lot of people who took sub- prime loans and couldn't pay their mortgages. I've heard it's George Bush's fault for his "Ownership Society" program. And I've also heard it was Alan Greenspan's fault. Who knows. But that is an American trait. There always has to be someone to blame. From every American movie ever made to Christianity, there always needs to be the bad guy to absorb the blame for all the evil in the world.
But maybe it's nature trying to tell us something. Last Thursday a Bull was spotted running loose in Queens. The Police have no idea where it came from. LOL.

After the War on Terror, which is predicted to cost us 2.4 trillion over the next 10 years (that's over 21g's per American household) a bailout for Wall Street of 700 billion kind of blows my mind. There are still people in New Orleans waiting in the their FEMA trailers for checks to pay for the repairs on their houses.
Check out our National Debt nearing 10 trillion dollars.

But Barack Obama is a muslim and Sarah Palin has Foreign Affairs experience because she can see Russia from her house. Stupid!

"Why is this race even close?" A man of intellect might ask himself. This country is made up of idiots. Yeah I said it. People like Ann Coulter and James David Manning and the fools who listen to these nuts comparing Barack Obama to Hitler.

The Republicans demonize Barack Obama for his intellect by calling him elite, while Sarah Palin is felt sorry for because she can't handle herself when asked hard questions. The people buy it, hook line and sinker. We, as a country have a problem.
Forget the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. There needs to be a War on Stupidity. But that war would cause a financial crisis for the top 10% that feed on the bottom 90%. That is why there are less and less books in schools and teacher salaries rival the salaries of the guys who brings you hot dogs at Yankee games.
Intelligent people would ask how is it that a man in a cave could orchestrate such a bold and tragic operation like 9/11 on the greatest country on earth. Stupid people just sit back and accept what they were told.
It is clear that, as a people, we are NOT encouraged to think. Between texting, television, ipods and so on, the wool can be pulled over our eyes so easily and the moment anybody questions anything he/she is called crazy. So I don't blame the Republicans for their tactics in trying to get John McCain elected. They know, and have accepted the fact that the American People as a whole are not that bright and, intellect-forbid, they will be smiling all the way to the White House.

eh, I'll be in Paris

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I Am Not Ghengis Kahn said...

I don't know why anyone gives a fuck about global warming. There are other reasons not to mess up the earth that NO ONE can dispute. Have you ever flown into LAX, looked out the window to that dome of brown air and gone "I shouldn't breathe there"? There's one completely indisputable reason not to pollute among a plethora of others.

As far as Barack Obama's "elitism" goes: since when did we not want the educated people in office? When did that change take place? Or is it just to lower the bar for dumb people so they can feel like they can be president too?

Personally, I'd rather have someone smarter than me dealing with a world that I don't understand. But, that's just me being a reasonably sensible man (to some), or an elitist (to others).