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muMs the Schemer ===> Schemer: fiend, foe, friend, fear, /swallower of your fear, /blasphemer, /dreamer…. /to hold, to have, to be in a condition akin to, to victory he prevails! /A mathematical or philosophical diagram representing the astrological aspects of the planets, emotions and intellect on scales, /teller of your tale /in a letha-phorical outline, /a concise examination crafty and secretive in sign, /a systematic and organized chaotic plot. /I am muMs the schemer and you, are not. ===> The first ‘m’ is lower-cased /concerned with race /and small manipulative matters of that sort: /the things in our face /that bleed into our heart. /The ‘u’- also small- leads me to look to the sky, walk there the edge of a shore equating to particles of sand, stars, the moon. To be under all that which is bigger than me lead’s to the second ‘M’ capitalized for the manipulation /of that that from which all shall begin /and again /from when /we least expect. /The ‘S’ is the trick: the hush of it all. /The control over what we discuss, beckon or call /or plural to represent the many that know /or just that the path is a windy road? /No matter, it also is small. ===> muMs, the schemer and echo-er of it all.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Black President, FELA Off-Broadway

Ok, I know I have NOT blogged in a while. I was writing. I tricked myself into finishing a one-man play that I started writing 10 years ago with no idea of what it was going to be. I submitted it to my theater company's Intensive without giving it too much thought. When it was picked to be presented I got worried. I would have to finish it and well, I did, and presented it. I got some great feedback and notes on how to polish it up and clarify some points. So yeah, the play is called the Paradox of the Urban Cliche. I'm having a reading at the Hip-Hop Theater Festival on Oct 4th @7:30p and then if I am diligent enough in February it will be housed at Lincoln Center and after that we'll see.
Oh and I had a crazy beautiful time up in Vermont for two weeks with the Labyrinth Theater Company watching 40 wonderful plays, drinking, smoking, flirting with beautiful women and looking up at the stars... oh and playing volleyball. a time to be had for sure. especially for an artist. it was an emotional cleanse. plus I presented two plays.
The day I got back from Vermont I had audition for L&O and I booked that f***ker! excuse my french but decent paying acting gigs have been quite elusive as of late.


My good friend and dope photographer Monique Carboni had an extra ticket for me to see Fela this past Friday night at 37 arts. I almost didn't make it with all that crazy hurricane force rain that was coming down but I'm glad I did because the show was frickin amazing! If you're on facebook check out some of her pics from the show here. I grew up listening to Fela just like a lot of my readers and friends but I never knew his life story, his relationship with his mother, his struggles with the Nigerian military.

I was mesmerized by this show, the storytelling was incredible. and of course the music, the sound design blew me away! I don't want to give anything away but at one point during the play where you think the music is at the level it's supposed to be, it just gets louder and you are almost forced out of your seat. and the voice of the mother is near angelic. The brilliant Bill T. Jones directed and the lead who played Fela, Sahr Ngaujah, will make you think that you just got great seats to a real Fela concert. Plus it's brought to you by the people who brouhgt you Passing Strange on Bway.
They're in previews right now but the show is only running through Sept. 21st so make sure you see it before then. It might go to Broadway but by then the prices will be through the roof and it already isn't cheap.

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Fela said...

Hey, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Fela! Your readers can get $25 tickets to see Fela! on Off-Broadway by visiting and using code Social1.


Anonymous said...

Hey MuMs it's Suzanne the play do they talk about aids at all, is there scene? I thought if so maybe they could do it at the UN ...anyway let me know. Great blog and is L&O law n order if so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulash baby... anyway I'll keep reading and I'm leaving for my aids awareness run from NY to CHicago in 3 weeks crazy right...ok you rule and call u soon.ONE LOVE AFRICA

Alicia said...

hey, MuMs!
so good to catch up on your doings, old neighbor! while i miss you, it's raining down good in your life, and that gives me quiet satisfaction. keep on that thing, friend--your faith is well-placed.

so excited because i bought fela tix last week, and can't wait to go. always loved him, and his legend is well-known en france. this man's legendary life deserves no less celebration than what mr. jones has managed to pull off.

will note your reading on October 4, and find my way there.